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New Client Natal Chart
Astrology Reading Birth Chart and Year-Ahead Forecast: This reading will help you better understand your innate potential, identify your strengths, and show you where you can grow in order to be your best You. During the session, we cover the issues most important to you which can include love, career, health, family, travel, as well as the transformation of psychological and emotional patterns, and uncovering a greater sense of purpose.

Relationship Compatibility
Two individual birth charts are compared to provide assistance in understanding differences and appreciating similarities. Find past life connections, karmic bonds, and learn what energies are at work for the year ahead. The aim is to improve relationship dynamics for any relationship.

Short and Long-Term Horoscopes
Long-Term Horoscopes are recommended for first-time clients, or anyone who wants a refresher on a natal chart reading, so we can delve into the birth chart and get a feel for the potential energies and karmic path laid out for you. This reading will help prepare you for the energies working for you in love, career, health, family, travel, and life in general for the next year. Short-Term Horoscopes focus on your transit (horoscope) chart only, helping prepare you for the next six months regarding love, family, health, career, and any other concerns you may have.

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